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Scrap steels are climate-friendly secondary materials which are in high demand and which are the most traded recycling materials in the world. They are by far the most frequently reutilised materials in the area of recycling. What makes these materials special is that they can be melted down often countless times without sacrificing any quality.

Quite the opposite, in fact. By means of additives and alloys, it is possible to produce high-quality steels using scrap and old iron. The situation is similar in the case of most non-ferrous metals.

For the environment, this means: the more often that steel and iron can be recycled and reused, the smaller its ecological footprint. This is significantly reflected in terms of CO2 savings and the corresponding high value of the Scrap Bonus. This means: the use of scrap as a raw material reduces emissions of greenhouse gases to a considerable degree.

We stand behind this principle with our work.

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