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Helping people in need of special support is a matter that is near to our hearts.

Our social commitment, an integral part of our company philosophy, currently centres on the following projects and facilities:


 “Aktion Mensch” social lottery

The focus for us is on providing a self-determined life for people with disabilities as well as equal opportunity for children and youth. Together with partners, we implement high-impact projects and develop activation campaigns and beneficial offerings.


Tannheim follow-up care clinic for children with cancer

The Tannheim follow-up care clinic gives families of severely chronically ill children new strength and hope. Within the scope of family-orientated follow-up care for children suffering from cancer, heart disease or cystic fibrosis, the clinic provides highly qualified treatment for the family as a whole. “Junge Reha” (youth rehab) is available for teenage patients.


The SKB Knaves “SKB Buben“ of TSV Alemannia Freiburg-Zähringen 1900 e.V.

Our goal, in addition to athletic ambitions, is to impart values such as fairness, respect, tolerance and responsibility to our children and youth as well as setting them on their way with new friendships.

This season, the D1 SKB Buben are our great hope.


Hospice and palliative association (Hospiz- und PalliativVerband) of Baden-Württemberg e. V.

„A person’s life can end well without artificially extending it or shortening it, but instead by providing hospice support and palliative care.”

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